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Roddy White would have “literally” fought Kyle Shanahan over Super Bowl play calling

Roddy was known for catching footballs, but he thinks the former Falcons offensive coordinator should catch these hands.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Are we over Kyle Shanahan bumbling away Atlanta’s chance at a first Super Bowl win? No way. This will go down in Falcons history with Eugene Robinson’s extra-curricular activities prior to the Super Bowl and an uncovered Harry Douglas tripping over a turf monster in the NFC Championship game.

We’ve seen too much of the news surrounding that play calling collapse. Shanahan saying he blew it. The ridiculous lack of run plays called despite a huge lead and a gassed defense. Criticism from national media. Matt Ryan rumored to have expressed frustration on the sideline about the plays during the game.

Count Roddy White among those mad about it, according to Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As always, he’s got some beautiful quotes.

“I’m glad I wasn’t a part of that team because I probably literally would’ve fought him,” White said.

My money is on Roddy. He had more to say, especially how the criticized play calling hurt the city.

“You destroyed a dream for a city,” White said. “It’s bigger than me. The city of Atlanta needed that championship and you had it. Arthur Blank needed that championship and he deserved to win that game, with everything he’s been through. It was finally our time to win and it just hurt me that we didn’t get it done.”

White didn’t blame the entire loss on Shanahan, but suggested Dan Quinn should have gotten Shanahan on the same page at some point late in the game. White said the play calling was so obviously bad, he would have jumped offsides on the play Ryan took a sack.

At the same time, he thinks Atlanta had a better chance of returning if Shanahan stayed in Atlanta. It’s a great interview (podcast) where White talks about Shanahan, the team, and retirement.