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Stop giving the Falcons cornerbacks in your mock drafts, you weirdos

As sure as the sun rises in the East, mock drafts will be full of very, very, very bad analysis.

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What are you people doing?
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We have been seeing it for weeks. Mock drafts are linking the Atlanta Falcons to Adoree' Jackson from USC. Gereon Conley from The State of Ohio Tech and Automotive Repair. Teez Tabor from Florida. A bunch of first round cornerbacks.

What is happening?

We go through this every year, and it’s the problem with covering the whole NFL while pushing out some easy content. (I’m required to state all Falcoholic content is painstakingly researched, peer-reviewed, edited, vetted, and voted on by a majority of Congress.) Sometimes it’s easier to look at the Falcons in the Super Bowl and say, “they could probably use a corner.”

These mock drafts ignore a lot, and by a lot I really mean the roster. And no, this isn’t just, “they forget about Desmond Trufant.” But seriously, a lot of these guys forgot about Trufant. Atlanta has exercised their fifth-year option on Trufant, a player typically ranked somewhere near and among the best corners in the NFL. The Falcons, flush with cap space, said their biggest offseason priority is to extend Trufant’s contract.

We thought this could be Robert Alford’s last season in Atlanta. He started out as one of the league’s most penalized and burned corners. We also wondered if he was too small for Quinn’s scheme. Alford signed a long-term deal and took a major step forward after Trufant’s injury.

So the Falcons are using their first round pick on a guy who will only play on obvious passing downs behind those two starters? This rookie would have to outplay Jalen Collins, Dan Quinn’s hand-picked second round corner that looked like a playmaker late last season. He’s a lock for major playing time and should continue to develop.

Then Atlanta is dropping a first on the fourth corner? They’d have to beat out impressive undrafted free agent Brian Poole and converted wide receiver C.J. Goodwin. Even Deji Olatoye and Akeem King looked like they had potential.

Why are people mocking a corner to the Falcons? The oldest corner on the roster is only 28. THIS IS ALL NONSENSE. I don’t even care about mock drafts but their laziness is making me frustrated. And some analysts go so far as to say their mocks aren’t what they would do, but “what the team is thinking.” 32 general managers gave some analyst their first round targets so they could post it for mock drafts to be seen by millions of people? Fake news!

The Falcons drafting a corner early in this draft is fake news. Stop mocking them a corner, you weirdos.