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How did you become a fan of the Atlanta Falcons?

Everyone’s got an origin story.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’re moving on, now, because as a sports fan you can never dwell for all that long on the worst losses. You just have to keep going, and because we love this football team, we will do so.

Today’s question is one we ask every year to capture all the new Falcoholics, and to re-visit some of the best stories of when fans became fans for the first time.

As always, I’ll lead us off. I’m not an Atlantan, but I grew up in New England at a time when the Patriots were very generally viewed pretty indifferently, and I was too young to get attached them during their (ultimately disastrous) 80’s Super Bowl run. As best as I can remember, I got attached to the Falcons during the 1991 playoff run, when they beat the Saints, and cemented it with a ton of games of Tecmo Super Bowl, where I gave Chris Miller the greatest career possible. From there, it just kind of stuck.

Share your story, if you would.