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Who is the greatest player in Atlanta Falcons history?

There’s a long list of distinguished names, including a pair of active Falcons.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve asked this question in the past, gotten an interesting range of answers, and moved along to more pressing matters. But with the team’s incredible (if ultimately disappointing) 2016-2017 run, it seems like a fitting time to ask it again.

Just who is the best Falcons player ever?

If your answer is Tommy Nobis for his status as the first Falcons great and arguably the team’s greatest defender, terrific. If it’s Mike Kenn, the best tackle not in the Hall of Fame, that’s more than fair. If it’s Peerless Price, you are a troll, and kindly see our community guidelines about trolling.

The reason the time is right, though, is that both Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are making their cases to be considered the best ever. Ryan is now the franchise leader in every category at his position, which is arguably the most important position on the roster, and has been at the helm for half of this team’s playoff games and one of its two Super Bowls. He’s a few seasons away from pushing his numbers into the NFL great stratosphere.

Julio, meanwhile, is on pace to shatter every receiving record for the franchise, is undeniably the most freakishly talented receiver in the NFL, and could certainly get to the point where he’s blowing by Hall of Famers in terms of overall output. If you wanted to argue that he’s the greatest ever to don a Falcons jersey, well, you’d have a strong case.

Let’s hear from you. Who is it?