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Sean Payton makes choke gesture at Devonta Freeman while the Saints were choking

Anyone who says this is not the best rivalry in football is lying.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not just Saints fans that live vicariously through better teams, as even Sean Payton needs to hang his hat on another’s team win. When you have lost three games in a row to your rival team, the frustration comes out in weird ways.

Devonta Freeman had a rush for no gain late in last night’s game, and Payton wanted to send him a very understated message. Take a careful look and see if you can see it.

Oh wow, actually that was pretty blatant. This was, of course, in the midst of giving up 10 unanswered points before Drew Brees lobbed a football to a triple covered Josh Hill.

Freeman brushed it off after the game.

Sean Payton took responsibility for his unprofessionalism and apologized to Atlanta, his own team, and all the fans.

Ha, could you even imagine if that happened? He said he didn’t remember doing it 30 minutes after it happened.

Freeman finished up his 91 yard, 1 touchdown game against New Orleans with a tweet: “AINTS”. It sadly got deleted.

I can’t wait until their next matchup on Christmas Eve.