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Deion Jones has become a genuine boogeyman for the Saints

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In three career games against New Orleans, Debo has been a force of nature.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s playing college ball at LSU, and Jones’ deep ties to the area, that make playing against the Saints feel personal. Maybe it’s just the way Jones’ particular skill set matches up against this New Orleans team. Maybe it’s that Jones doesn’t like Drew Brees’ face. Whatever the reason, Jones plays absurdly great football against New Orleans, and he did it again on Thursday night.

Consider this: Debo ended his day against the Saints with seven tackles and six assists, including a couple of tackles for loss, and was regularly one of the first players to the ball. With a couple of exceptions, he was noticeably tackling better than he has most of the season, and that’s no mean feat when you’re tackling physical players like Mark Ingram and Brandon Coleman.

It was the play at the end of the night that made his day spectacular, though. With Drew Brees trying to go to the end zone and finish off the Falcons in the fourth quarter, Jones made a leaping interception that effectively sealed the game, giving the Falcons the ball with an opportunity to run for a first down and then kneel. It was a terrific performance.

Thing is, it’s not Debo’s first great game against the Saints. The numbers below are a little off, particularly on tackles, but it illustrates that Jones now has two game-changing interceptions (one of them a pick six) and a ton of great tackles in just three games against the Saints. Nobody else on defense has played as well as Jones against New Orleans, and he deserves all the props we can give him for essentially saving the Falcons’ season yet again.

May the fourth game against the Saints in two weeks somehow be even more impressive than the three we’ve already seen.