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Falcons-Saints post-game injury report: Tevin Coleman suffers head injury

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Fact: Tevin Coleman

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons somehow defeated the New Orleans Saints tonight. It was a truly incredible game and it’s going to take us time to digest everything that went into this win. For now let’s talk about injuries.

The Saints got pretty banged up tonight. The opposite is true for the Falcons. Aside from a potential Tevin Coleman concussion, the Falcons stayed healthy tonight. Knock on wood, this is the second straight week where they’ve emerged relatively unscathed.

Coleman was hit hard in the backfield late in the fourth quarter. It was a blown play and Coleman had nowhere to go. He went to the sideline to be checked out and then went into the locker room to be evaluated for a head injury. He earned a “questionable” designation but there were only minutes left in the game at that point.

There’s no additional information out there right now about Coleman’s status. I’m imagining they won’t disclose anything until tomorrow.

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