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Jalen Collins shockingly suspended four games, spoiling his second return from suspension

There was no way to see this coming.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you are sitting down for this one. The Atlanta Falcons cut Jalen Collins just a few weeks ago, and despite a ton of injuries at corner, are likely not bringing him back.

At least for the next four games, because Collins is again suspended.

It’s not clear what this suspension is related to. Collins may be suspended for two years if he again tests positive for performance enhancing drugs, so four games suggests something else. We have no way of knowing what it is for, but it is pretty clear that Collins has some serious issues he needs to work his way through. At this rate, he may end up serving more suspension than Josh Gordon.

Many showed some skepticism that the Falcons would bring back Collins with open arms. The brotherhood mantra goes both ways, and players have to be accountable to the rest of the team. Collins hasn’t been accountable, and the team quite simply can’t plan to have him around. At any moment, he could be suspended for years. It’s a logistical nightmare wondering if you need to keep an extra veteran cornerback on the roster just in case Jalen Collins messes up again. There are only so many snaps in training camp and preseason, and Collins takes away important playing time for players that will be available throughout the season.

If waiving Collins didn’t already mark the end of his time in Atlanta, this news solidifies it. It’s a sad end to a rare bad pick under Dan Quinn’s watch.