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Julio Jones is finally healthy? Star wide receiver not on injury report

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The Atlanta Falcons sure could use one of those 300 yard games out of Julio Jones.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t been able to put our finger on exactly what has been slowing down the league’s greatest wide receiver. He’s been dealing with an ankle injury, and was reportedly in visible pain from a thumb injury before last week’s game against the New Orleans Saints. Steve Sarkisian hasn’t really been able to get Julio rolling outside of the first Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. Or the refs simply decided last week that pass interference doesn’t exist.

If the injury has slowed him down, we aren’t worried anymore. After sitting out practice early this week, he’s not even listed on Friday’s injury report.

We are a little more worried about Alex Mack, but the Falcons will need Jones healthy and rolling to win Sunday’s game. This is a great start.