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Falcons season in a nutshell: Desmond Trufant fined for missing punch on Michael Thomas

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How do you get fined for punching air? That’s like getting fired on your day off.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Desmond Trufant is still one of the league’s best cornerbacks, but nothing was going right last week against the New Orleans Saints. First he got burned Ted Ginn, who is surprisingly still in the NFL. Then he tried punching a real wide receiver, missed, and now lost over 12 grand because of it.

Frankly, Trufant is lucky that punch didn’t land. Good chance he gets suspended and misses the must-win game against the Carolina Panthers. It is a little surprising, as Trufant doesn’t have a history of being aggressive against wide receivers (see: Ted Ginn touchdown).

There cannot possibly be more insult to injury than to have a terrible game, against a hated rival, when you need to win, fail to punch someone with a helmet, and spend over $12,000 because of it. It would like me being owned in the comments (which has never happened), then having to pay $1.25 because of it (a comparable fine to my salary).

Trufant should luckily be good to go against Carolina, just a little lighter in the pocketbook.