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Falcons quarterback coach Bush Hamdan set to leave team at end of season

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Atlanta will have yet another quarterbacks coach to start the 2018 season.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

When you’re a veteran quarterback with experience in a lot of different offenses, you probably don’t need a quarterbacks coach the way a younger player would. That’s a good thing for Matt Ryan, because boy has he had a lot of different quarterback coaches to this point.

The latest, Bush Hamdan, was hired away by the Washington Huskies, effective at the end of this season. He was the team’s wide receivers coach in 2016 (and is a former Boise State quarterback) before joining the Falcons to whisper sweet nothings in Ryan’s ear, and he’ll return to Washington as the team’s offensive coordinator in 2018. Good for him, and as we’ve seen many times before, proximity to Matt Ryan seems to help you get hired elsewhere.

For Ryan, it means yet another QB coach. Fortunately, it’ll be his second year in Steve Sarkisian’s system at that point, and whoever they hire can probably take the job without having to worry about, I dunno, rebuilding Ryan’s mechanics from the ground up. We’ll wish Hamdan well, and we’ll hope the next guy finds some amazing way to elevate Ryan’s game even more.