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Julio Jones out, Wes Schweitzer and Alex Mack limited at practice Wednesday

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With the team gearing up for its final regular season game, they need both players healthy.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saint Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Falcons had Julio Jones listed on their injury report all last week, and all he did was go out and roast the Saints for nearly 150 yards and a touchdown that wasn’t. Now he’s listed as out again, and yet I suspect he will be fine for Sunday’s game against Carolina, if you’re looking for reassurance.

Things are not quite as certain for Wes Schweitzer, a new addition to the injury report for the week. Schweitzer has been one of the more divisive figures on the team this year, but he’s a solid enough blocker and a starting guard. The same is true of Alex Mack, the team’s #elite starting center, and Andy Levitre, who has missed the last two weeks. That would be all three of the team’s starting interior linemen missing the game, but thankfully all three are only limited, and I’m convinced all three will suit up.

It goes without saying that losing even one of these guys would make for rough sledding against the Panthers, but with everything on the line, I’d be stunned if even one of them missed the game. With Levine Toilolo already out, they certainly can’t afford to miss out on anyone else against a Carolina team that has promised to start everyone.