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Rob Chudzinski, Mike McCoy, other OCs may be interesting for teams in need of a new playcaller

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We aren’t suggesting the Atlanta Falcons may look at one of many intriguing offensive coordinators about to hit the market.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t guess who, but there’s a possibility some teams are out there looking for an interesting offensive coordinator. Maybe a team currently regretting selecting their current coordinator. Like, replacing someone with years of NFL experience with someone without years of NFL experience. An unnamed team that has dealt with offensive problems all year long despite one of the most talented rosters in the league.

No clue what team that could be. Maybe the Cleveland Browns?

There’s a few interesting names out there, or expected to be out there, that fans should prepare for. You know, fans of those teams that aren’t the Atlanta Falcons because they are definitely set at offensive coordinator. So, who could be available?

Rob Chudzinski could be interesting, and under the radar after flaming out with the Cleveland Browns way back in 2013. He was brought on to fix Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, and Luck had his best year with Chudzinski as associate head coach. He was moved to offensive coordinator, and Luck hasn’t been healthy since. He used some similar blocking at times, manufactures production from the tight end spot, and focuses on aggressive, chunk plays. He’s been in the NFL since 2004.

Here’s what James Dator had to say about Chudzinski’s time as the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator.

Rob Chudzinski is an offensive genius. I don't throw around that lightly. However, there were far too many times he fell in love with his scheme to the point he crossed into mad scientist territory.

Sound like anyone you have both hated and missed all season?

Speaking of Browns castoffs, Hue Jackson could get the boot. He has the experience, time in the NFL, and did well when given a talented roster. There’s still questions about his play-calling, but, well, we have those same questions in Atlanta. He’s been in the NFL since 2000, and even was the mastermind behind the final four games of 2007 with Chris Redman. The Falcons beat the playoff-bound Seattle Seahawks, dang it!

Jay Gruden may get canned, as the Washington Redskins reboot every three to four years. He just signed a contract extension before this season, and there’s a chance he has an offset clause forcing his new team to pay his new salary. Since his new salary would be way less, he’d have to coach for free. That’s probably not going to happen.

Dirk Koetter will technically be available. He has a few strengths, like empty passing yardage, which is better than what Atlanta some unknown teams have right now. It’d be an uninspiring but safe hire, if he could adapt his scheme.

The Denver Broncos fired Mike McCoy, and surprisingly, their offense didn’t improve. He ran some similar schemes to Atlanta, but has had an inconsistent coaching career since his Tim Tebow/Peyton Manning years.

Remember Ben McAdoo? That feel apart as fast as... well, Atlanta’s offense. Lets move on.

Gary Kubiak: yes, please. I’ll start the GoFundMe to pay whatever his asking price is.

Any other interesting names out there?