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Falcons fans remain confident in a Week 17 win despite the Christmas Eve loss

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You lot sure love the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saint Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons lost in such a way that they were asking to be lambasted by fans and analysts, and by and large, that’s what happened last night. Faced with the specter of one of the most talented Falcons teams of our lifetimes missing the playoffs because they played listlessly against their two biggest division rivals, did fans give up hope on a team the AJC’s Jeff Schultz said “doesn’t look like anything resembling a playoff team?

Remarkably, the answer appears to be no, at least if our unscientific Twitter poll is any indication. Just under 50% of fans say they anticipate a win against the Panthers, with just under 30% saying no and the remainder giving us an ambiguous “bah humbug” that may or may not mean no. That’s a split fanbase, at least.

I suspect the outlook is perhaps a little more dour here, where you all have Seen Some Stuff with us over the past decade-plus, but I think the Panthers game feels winnable enough in Mercedes-Benz Stadium that a significant portion of Falcons fans really do think it can be won. The question is whether the Falcons will come through for us just before we enter 2018, or whether we’ll once again end a season on a note of bitter disappointment.