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Falcons open up as field goal favorites against the Panthers on New Year’s Eve

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Atlanta has to win this one and they’re home, so it just makes sense.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Saints were a touchdown favorite at home against the Falcons this week, which seemed more than fair given the circumstances. Similarly, the Falcons are a field goal favorite against the Carolina Panthers this week, and that feels extremely fair.

Consider the circumstance: A Panthers team that just barely edged out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and isn’t playing for seeding in Week 17 unless the Saints collapse versus a Falcons team at home and absolutely out of chances to make the playoffs if they don’t win here. The Falcons should have avoided coming out so flat against New Orleans, but since they didn’t, this is it. They can’t possibly lack for motivation here, and they can absolutely beat the Panthers if they don’t fall apart offensively again.

So the line feels fair, and we’ll have to see how it moves from here. This is absolutely it for Atlanta, so consider my nerves jangling but my confidence level oddly high.