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SBN experts almost unanimously pick Saints win over Falcons

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We looked at the Vegas odds and expert picks, and not many are confident the Atlanta Falcons can pull out this win.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We usually take a glance at the Vegas odds before games, and it seems like the Falcons hate obeying Vegas. This week, the spread has shifted to the Saints as a 5.5 point favorite.


That really only secures my belief that the Falcons will be eating a W tomorrow. A little more distressing is most experts like the New Orleans Saints at home. Do they not know about Deion Jones?

Lets look at SB Nation’s picks, which are the very best in the NFL per our very specific blogging contracts. Ryan Van Bibber, Stephen White, Geoff Schwartz, Jeanna Thomas (et tu?), Adam Stites, Brett Kollmann, Joel Thorman, and OddsShark pick the Saints. Only Harry Lyles Jr., true American patriot, has picked the Falcons to win.

SB Nation is far from an outlier. 90% of ESPN picked the Saints. Same with 2/3rds of Sports Illustrated. Honestly, it looks like no one is giving Atlanta a chance. How warranted is that?

Atlanta beat the Saints in their last meeting, but that was absolutely a weird game that did not feel repeatable. The offense has been so odd, that most weeks it doesn’t feel repeatable. The Falcons can do it, but it will look different than the last time. The Saints get a three point bump for playing at home, which should help.

Perhaps the biggest difference is Alvin Kamara went out with a concussion early in the last game, and he has been the biggest X-factor for the Saints. Atlanta lost Tevin Coleman, but he hasn’t been quite the playmaker.

Do you think these expert picks are a bunch of shenanigans? Or are you hoping for Atlanta get catch their next win against the Carolina Panthers next week week?