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There’s a decent chance the Atlanta Falcons have their week 17 game flexed into primetime

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Fact: Damontae Kazee drinks nothing but new Pepsi.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have an exciting two weeks ahead. They could win the NFC South or they could play their way out of the playoffs. If you’re simultaneously giddy and feel like you want to vomit, welcome to the club. Given their momentum, I’m confident the Falcons can at least win one of the next two games. I’m cautiously optimistic they will win both.

No matter what happens tomorrow, there’s a decent chance Falcons-Panthers in week 17 will get flexed to primetime:

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said today that his impression is that the game with the Falcons will be flexed into prime time in Week 17. If the Panthers and Falcons both win this week, then their game next week will be for the NFC South title. The loser of the game would still make the playoffs as a wild card.

So what is “being flexed” to primetime? Basically it means they bump your game to the evening time slot. There are special rules about when this happens in week 17 for a game with playoff implications (in or out, seeding, etc.); they have until 6 days before the game to make the change.

This particular game also happens to fall on New Years Eve. While I’ll probably be at home in my sweatpants on NYE, we at The Falcoholic are always keeping our loyal, alcoholic followers in mind. So if you have plans to go to the game and plans to get krunk that night, adjust said plans accordingly.

Your thoughts?