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Scott Pioli may be a hot general manager candidate this offseason

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Brace yourself for the loss of Pioli.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It is difficult to know just how much of the Falcons’ recent success is due to Scott Pioli, given that Thomas Dimitroff is still the general manager and the team has assembled an Avengers-style cast of ex-GM types in its front office. But you really can’t ignore how much more successful Atlanta has been in the draft in recent years, and while Pioli can’t get all the credit on a team where Dan Quinn exerts a ton of personnel control, he can get plenty.

With Dimitroff seemingly entrenched in his role, the Falcons boasting tons of names in the FO, and Quinn in place, Pioli may eventually strike out looking for a general manager gig elsewhere. If he does so, he likely won’t lack for suitors.

Pioli’s been a hot name for a while now, but as Falcons Wire documents, 2018 may bear more fruit for him than other years in the past. There could be a half dozen teams in the running for new GMs, and Pioli’s resume between Kansas City and Atlanta is looking pretty fantastic at the moment, regardless of how frustrating the Falcons have been at times this year. Pioli had a weird paranoid streak as the GM in KC that might give some teams pause, but the Giants, Packers, Raiders, and a handful of other teams could use someone with a genuine eye for talent. It would not shock me to see Pioli elsewhere next season.

It’d be a shame to see him go, and I’m sure plenty of us would be wary about this team’s talent acquisition without him in the fold, but it’s just part of what happens when you assemble good people on and around your football team. We’ll hope Pioli, if he does leave, does not stay in the NFC South.