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After saying he didn’t remember making choke gesture, clown coach Sean Payton now says he apologized

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Some might call the Saints head coach an unprofessional liar. Like us right here.

Washington Redskins v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Anyone remember just a few weeks ago where Sean Payton, the head coach for a multi-billion dollar organization made a choking gesture to taunt running back Devonta Freeman? Then denied even remembering doing it 30 minutes later? We remember. In fact, we remember Saints fans pretending their head coach wasn’t some bloated clown, and that he was just sending a signal to his defense, or he was signaling a potential penalty to the referees.

All of that was fake news. Sean Payton admitted he really is no more professional than the guy in row 8 who spent all day downing drinks. From the face of the Saints franchise, per ESPN’s Vaughn McClure.

"It bugged me for the better part of a week. Just know that as the head coach, you're always talking about being composed. And I felt like, at that point in the game, I wasn't.''

Payton apologized to Freeman via text message.

"I've got a ton of respect for him and the competitor he is,'' Payton said. "Those guys that we line up with, they're in our division. They're rivals. And yet there's a great deal of respect, I think, among the players.''

I’m shocked the coach that allowed, supported, and lied about a bounty program also taunted an opposing player, then lied about it. I, for one, am shocked. Payton wasn’t fined or suspended for acting like a child on that play, but was fined for acting like a child on another play where he entered the field to yell at the referees. He then complained about the referees after the game.

I guess what I’m getting at is Sean Payton is a giant baby.

The Atlanta Falcons travel to New Orleans to play the Saints on Sunday. Atlanta needs one more win in the last two weeks to make the playoffs, so hopefully they don’t choke.