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Honor Matt Ryan with a Get F***ing Set t-shirt

You know you want one.

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One of the highlights of Monday night’s primetime game between the Falcons and Buccaneers had very little to do with the actual football. We all enjoyed Devonta Freeman running all over Tampa Bay, and Takk’s sack of Jameis Winston, but a moment of frustration from Matt Ryan was the moment that truly went viral.

As this is a family-friendly site—at least sometimes—I won’t embed the video here, but by now you’ve probably seen Ryan directing his team to get fargin’ set, so to speak. If you enjoyed that uncharacteristic outburst from Matty Ice as much as we did, you can now commemorate it with a t-shirt.

Like the Adrian Clayborn Sacklanta! t-shirt earlier this year, this one’s $25 for any size up to XXL, at which point it’s $26 and then $27 for XXXL.

It may not have been Matt Ryan’s finest game, but it was the only game where he’s yelled “Get F***ing Set!” out loud on a national TV broadcast, so it was special in its own right.

If you’d like to own this stylish t-shirt and urge your loved ones to get set, you can buy one right here.