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Andy Levitre returns to practice Wednesday for the Falcons

The team’s starting left guard could be working his way back for Sunday’s game against the Saints.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Good, and unexpected, news: Andy Levitre may be on track to return to the team this Sunday against the Saints. He did return to practice today, and Tevin Coleman also got some work.

Getting both players back would be significant. Levitre missed the game against the Saints, but he’s a durable, above average starting guard, and part of one of the league’s better units. Coleman, who was starting for an injured Devonta Freeman, had a terrific game.

Ben Garland has done pretty well in Levitre’s absence, turning in a quality game against a depleted Buccaneers defensive line and a solid enough game against the Saints. He’s been called for three penalties over two games, not all of them obvious calls, but has blocked well and may be setting himself up to cash in (at least modestly) in free agency in 2018. Hopefully the Falcons can find a way to keep him around, even if Sean Harlow is going to be ready to contribute next season.

Keep your fingers crossed, and we’ll hope we have both of these guys on the field Sunday.