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Grady Jarrett is the Falcons’ biggest Pro Bowl snub

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He’s an obvious choice, as one of the most impressive players in the NFC.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

At the end of the day, the fact that the Falcons only sent two players to the Pro Bowl is not worth getting angry about. Julio Jones and Alex Mack are plenty deserving, after all, and it’s the Pro Bowl. It is no Canton.

That said, while Jake Matthews, Ryan Schraeder, Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, and Desmond Trufant all have their cases for the Pro Bowl, there is one legitimate snub I feel warrants additional mention. That man is Grady Jarrett.

Jarrett hasn’t put up eye-popping stats, unlike Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox, who both are headed to the Pro Bowl. Gerald McCoy is a bit less deserving, I’d argue, and Jarrett has been one of the finest run-stopping defensive tackles in football. He is a tremendous player who seems like he can still get better, which should terrify everyone who has to face him.

Jarrett may not be a Pro Bowler this year, but we know how good he is, and he will get to one in the future. That’ll have to be good enough for now.