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Julio Jones, Alex Mack voted into the 2017 Pro Bowl

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The Falcons send two members of their offense to the big (?) game, but no others.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Falcons are 9-5 and in the playoff hunt in the NFC, but as is typical, they’re not going to be sending a large number of representatives to the game. This year, it’s just Julio Jones and Alex Mack, though we don’t yet know about any alternates.

It is tough to argue against either man making the Pro Bowl, given their ability and track records, but I do wish we had seen the likes of Grady Jarrett and Desmond Trufant in the game, at minimum. I’ll talk more about the snubs later.

Jones has had an unusual number of drops this season, but has had yet another hugely productive year featuring a signature game, some impressive as hell catches, and the awe that accompanies even routine catches remains intact. It is his fifth Pro Bowl selection, and certainly will not be his last.

Mack, meanwhile, has quietly turned in yet another stellar season as the Falcons’ pivot. He remains durable, excellent at blocking, and reliable when it comes to snapping the football, something that we all learned to appreciate after the Mike Person fiasco of 2015.

Congratulations to both men, and may they never actually play in the game because the Falcons are in the Super Bowl.