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Do the playoffs even matter with Steve Sarkisian calling plays?

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We have been waiting for this offense to get it together, and it looks like we will be waiting until next year.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Now that the joy of not losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has worn off, I’m worried about this offense. No one does puts together a concerning win quite like the Falcons. We have been waiting for the offense to come together all season, and going into week 16, it’s time to admit that isn’t going to happen.

We know the talent is there. We even know the playbook is there. The coaching staff said all the right things in the offseason. They were going to keep what worked, and give Matt Ryan more control of the offense. More uptempo (which for the record, has always worked with Matt Ryan).

My expectation was always to expect the offense to start off slow. Steve Sarkisian is a first time NFL play-caller, so it would be unrealistic to expect the offense to get rolling fast out of the gate. Even with the same scheme, you still need to give coaches and players some time to gel and comfortable.

With two games left, it’s clear that isn’t going to happen. The passing game has failed to show any consistency, and the game plan has looked like a random mix of ideas with no relation to their opponent. The Falcons can’t consistently complete the tough parts of the offense, and we keep seeing problems with the easy things.

There was a few game stretch where the offense seemed to click and the players were executing. Those weren’t signs of the future, but only a quick flash of how the team can score more than 30 points. It’s almost impressive the offense can be this ineffective with so many weapons.

The playoffs are coming up quick, and it’s looking likely the Falcons make it. Will it really matter? With this current offense, it feels way more likely Atlanta gets beaten up and embarrassed than putting together an impressive playoff campaign. Does this team stand a chance against the St. Louis Rams? Or even the Philadelphia Eagles with Nick Foles? I don’t think Sarkisian can hang with one of these high-scoring offenses, and it makes the 2017 season already feel over.

As I said, no one does puts together a concerning win quite like the Falcons. These Falcons feel way more like the 2011 Falcons than the 2016 Falcons, and we know how that ended.