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Matt Bryant just hit the longest field goal ever for a kicker his age

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It was also the fourth-longest field goal in team history.

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Matt Bryant is many things, but I think you’d put “impressive” right at the top of the list. The 42-year-old just hit the fourth-longest field goal in Falcons history when he made his 57 yarder against the Buccaneers, and his longest field goal since his 59 yard make against the Chiefs last season.

There’s another milestone here, though, and while I haven’t combed the annals of the NFL’s dusty books to ensure I’m right, I’ve done enough research to feel pretty confident about this one: No kicker as old or older than Bryant has ever made a field goal that long.

The previous record holder here appears to have been Adam Vinatieri, who hit a 55 yarder when he was 42 years old back in 2015. Bryant just edged him out by two yards, and did so on the road and outdoors. Again, that’s pretty impressive.

At this point, you kind of just have to keep signing Bryant to contracts until he can’t even stand, because the man is kicking like he’s 15 years younger and absorbing talent from every kicker around him. Kudos, Money.