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NFL Saturday football open thread, December 16 edition

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It’s Lions-Bears and Chargers-Chiefs.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: I love Saturday football games. Particularly around the holidays, when nobody really wants to be writing about the NFL on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, Saturday football is like a breath of fresh air. I’ll love watching these games today, even if neither of them have huge implications for the Falcons.

The first is Lions vs. Bears. This one is sort of important because a Bears win would effectively eliminate the Lions, who are already clinging to the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Chicago’s going to fire John Fox and needs to, given the way he’s shackled this offense and rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky in particular, but they still want to show out in primetime this afternoon. The Lions have the pieces to be good, but never seem to put them together in a meaningful way.

The late game has real playoff implications in the AFC. The Chiefs have been slumping horribly for a long time now, while the Chargers have been on fire after a lousy start to the year, and have a legitimate shot to win the AFC West. I’m kind of rooting for San Diego.

Enjoy these two games, and we’ll see what happens in the NFC South matchups that matter tomorrow.