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Tevin Coleman and Andy Levitre miss yet another practice, both unlikely to play Monday

Adrian Clayborn is merely limited, however.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the Falcons rounding out their practices for the week, we’re more or less where we were coming out of the Saints game: With injuries to Tevin Coleman and Andy Levitre that will likely keep them out of the game, plus the added wrinkle of a limited Adrian Clayborn.

The Falcons will be fine without Coleman, which is no indictment of his ability. They’re facing off against a ragged Buccaneers defense without Gerald McCoy, their best defensive lineman, and Devonta Freeman is uniquely suited to take advantage of that matchup. They’ll miss Andy Levitre more, though the Bucs’ punchless pass rush gives Ben Garland a break after he scuffled at times against New Orleans. They’ll certainly miss Adrian Clayborn if he can’t go, but the good news is that it sounds like Clay might play, and if he doesn’t the Falcons still have that deep defensive end rotation to draw on.

None of this shakes my faith in Atlanta’s ability to win Monday night, but obviously we’ll hope all three players can be back in action soon. If the Falcons win Monday night—or even if they lose—they have two much tougher, year-defining games ahead with the Panthers and Saints.