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Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff is only as good as his scouts

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Fact: Thomas Dimitroff makes a delicious hollandaise sauce

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff must have thick skin by now. He’s endured a lot during his decade-long tenure with this team: criticism, effusive praise, commentary about his choice of hair pomade. But don’t be fooled by his bike shorts, there’s a method to this man’s madness. He relies heavily on his merry team of scouts and they’ve done excellent work for him over the years.

The Mothership’s Matthew Tabeek published a must-read series today. Seriously, you must read it. It includes an article about the Falcons’ front office approach generally and as an added bonus it includes several articles that specifically highlight all the men that make up Dimitroff’s staff. Do yourself a favor and read it, but here’s an interesting tidbit:

Thomas Dimitroff, who’s been the Falcons general manager for more than nine years, sees scouts as more than mere information gatherers. They have to be much more than guys “filling in the lines and filling in the boxes.” “I want real, true research,” said Dimitroff. In his mind, that research conducted by the group of scouts that he’s assembled with the Falcons is what’s “going to make or break how we put this team together. That’s really, really important.”

It’s easy to forget about these guys and the hard work and long hours they put in. There are 15 guys not named Thomas Dimitroff in that office working tirelessly to put the best players on the field for head coach Dan Quinn. Dimitroff is a savvy general manager, but his success is largely due to his ability to delegate and rely on good people working underneath him.

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