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Here’s the remaining schedules for the three NFC South contenders

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Spoiler: The Falcons have the toughest road.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With three weeks left, we thought you might be interested to see how the remaining schedule shakes out for the three NFC South teams left with playoff aspirations. All that remains for the Buccaneers, who play the Falcons, Panthers and Saints once each in their final three weeks, is to play the role of spoiler.

Atlanta Falcons

Week 15: @ Buccaneers

Week 16: @ Saints

Week 17: vs. Panthers

This is easily the toughest slate left. The Falcons have two road games, one against a vengeance-minded Saints team, and then finish the year at home against a Panthers team that already defeated them once this year. They truly need at least two wins in there, if not three, and none of them will be easy to come by.

New Orleans Saints

Week 15: vs. Jets

Week 16: vs. Falcons

Week 17: @ Buccaneers

New Orleans fortunately has arguably the easiest schedule left. The Jets can be scary and will likely give the Saints all they can, but at home in New Orleans, the Saints should win. They also get to host the Falcons and then have to travel to face the lowly Bucs in the final week of the season. I think there’s two wins there, more than likely, and if things go sideways for the Falcons, it could be three. New Orleans remains the favorite for the division, with only Atlanta’s second win derailing them.

Carolina Panthers

Week 15: vs. Packers

Week 16: vs. Buccaneers

Week 17: @ Falcons

A slightly tougher row to hoe. The Panthers just impressively beat the Vikings, and have shown all year they are capable of hanging around no matter how ugly they make it look in any individual game. They’re dangerous, and certainly this slate is not going to crush their playoff hopes.

Even so, the Panthers might have to play the Packers with Aaron Rodgers this coming week, and they have a road game against a motivated Falcons squad in Week 17. That home game against the Bucs is the only truly easy matchup left, unless the Packers don’t bring back Rodgers this coming week.

The Falcons will have to continue to defy the odds to push past the Panthers and Saints, but we know they’re capable of doing so. They just have a tougher road to get there.