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Potential Falcons playoff implications of today’s games

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Here’s how the Falcons can move back into the top six today.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we shared a rooting guide in which we used our hearts. Now, we’ll share the playoff picture with you that results from today’s games, so you know exactly what you want to see happen as Sunday’s action rolls on. Don’t thank us too much, we’re just a blog of the people.

  • If the Vikings win over the Panthers and the Jaguars win over the Seahawks, the Falcons will be the sixth seed again. That’s because they currently do not have a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Panthers, who beat them earlier this season, but do have one against the Seahawks. All three teams would have 8-5 records, however, leaving the picture quite muddled at the moment. A Cowboys, Packers, or Lions win this week would put them at 7-6 and within striking distance of that trio, though luckily Atlanta has the coveted head-to-head tiebreaker against all three.
  • If the Vikings lose and the Jaguars win, the Falcons will be the sixth seed again. The Panthers won’t move up because they’ve lost to the Saints this year, but they’ll be in a position to swipe the NFC South away next week if things break right.
  • If the Vikings lose and the Jaguars lose, the Falcons will remain on the outside looking in. That’s because the Falcons’ 8-5 record won’t be enough to put them ahead of the 9-4 Seahawks and Panthers. That’s pretty much a worst case scenario, because it means the Falcons get absolutely no breaks and the pressure remains on to win every remaining game.
  • As much as I hate to say it, you may want to continue to root for the Eagles, especially this week against the Rams. Knocking Los Angeles down to 9-4 and potentially putting them in a late season spiral could open up an unexpected path for Atlanta, especially if the Seahawks keep winning. As a matter of course, you should also root against any of the 6-6 teams with a prayer of getting into the playoffs should the Falcons falter.

So watch with this knowledge in mind. Go Vikings, go Jaguars, go Eagles!