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Week 14 NFL Sunday rooting guide for Falcons fans

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Who do you need to pull for today?

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons took care of business Thursday night, which means we don’t have to worry about them today. There is still plenty at stake for our favorite football team, however, when everyone else plays today.

I’ll bold the teams you should be rooting for, and briefly explain why.

Browns vs. Packers

You gotta get Cleveland a win at some point, and you want the Packers eliminated from contention before Aaron Rodgers returns.

Buccaneers vs. Lions

Yes, we all hate to root inside the division, but Detroit is closer to the playoffs than Tampa Bay, and thus you should root for the NFC South bottom feeders.

Chiefs vs. Raiders

I would very much like to see the Chiefs, one of the few teams capable of beating the Patriots on a good day, make the playoffs. They just have to play like they belong.

Vikings vs. Panthers

The Vikings just beat the Falcons, and hopefully they can do Atlanta the favor of beating Carolina. That would put the Falcons in an even better position in the NFC South, and in the playoff hunt. Minnesota is going to be one of the top two seeds in the conference, either way, so they might as well.

49ers vs. Texans

Who cares, honestly?

Colts vs. Bills?

See above.

Bears vs. Bengals


Cowboys vs. Giants

I hate to root for the institutional incompetence present in New York, but the Cowboys still have a slim chance at a playoff spot. So let’s get that out of here.

Titans vs. Cardinals

Just to be safe, let’s get the Cardinals out of here.

Jets vs. Broncos

Boy, these AFC matchups just really don’t move the needle for me!

Redskins vs. Chargers

In the interest of eliminating all possible contenders for the sixth seed, should the Falcons have to settle for that, go for San Diego.

Seahawks vs. Jaguars

Seattle is one of the last major Wild Card contenders left standing, and while they’d lose a tiebreaker to Atlanta, they’re good enough to slot in ahead of them if things go south. Go Jags.

Rams vs. Eagles

I’m not an Eagles fan.

Ravens vs. Steelers

I could not care less, part two.