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Julio Jones wins game MVP for historic game against Buccaneers

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253 receiving yards in one game.

Jet Jones wins MVP awards like it’s his job.
Ville Terenius

We sometimes struggle picking a game’s MVP. Some weeks things just aren’t working, or multiple players have great games. This week, Julio Jones was far and away the team’s best player. As he occasionally does, Jet Jones took over the game.

This is his third time with over 250 receiving, which is the most ever. Steve Sarkisian even got Jones a carry. Mike Smith, the coach that drafted Jones, basically treated him like any other wide receiver. It was a very, very bad decision. Jones fully got going for perhaps the first time all season, and even notched two touchdowns.

If the Falcons can keep getting Jones the ball, they are almost a lock to make the playoffs.