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NFL is donating $5 to military non-profits for every tweet with #SaluteToService

This is actually pretty cool, so get to tweeting.

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The NFL is cutting a giant check to military non-profits, and you can help. And there’s certainly no ulterior motive here to make you forget about anything. But this is seriously one giant check. Within the first hour or two, they have already reached over $1,000,000.

Join the NFL in giving back to our service members. Between November 3rd and November 11th, 2017 every use of #SaluteToService on Twitter will generate a $5 donation to the NFL’s military non-profit partners – including the USO, Pat Tillman Foundation, TAPS, and Wounded Warrior Project – to fund programs and provide resources that positively impact active duty and veteran military members and their families.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an organization offer to donate $5 for anything done on Twitter. It’s a huge move for the league that wants to reinforce their dedication to the military. In fact, it’s probably going to cost them more than what Matt Schaub got paid this year, and that is a lot of money.

Please tweet #SaluteToService to help. And hey, as long as you are tweeting, you can just share this article which conveniently uses the hashtag. Let us wet our beaks, too.