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Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, and Matt Bryant are all dealing with injuries

No word on Matt Bryant.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Falcons are going to have their work cut out for them against a solid Dallas Cowboys team this Sunday, and they’ll need all hands on deck in order to win. That’s why we’ll be watching Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman closely in the coming days, in particular, though the prospect of turning over kicking duties to someone else is also fairly terrifying.

Julio looked a little limited at times against the Panthers, while Freeman continues to be a little banged up over the last couple of weeks. Both will likely suit up this weekend, but the prospect of either one being limited is a scary one for an offense that is already scuffling on a weekly basis. The Dallas defense is no one’s idea of an elite unit, despite the pass rushing firepower up front, but that hasn’t really mattered for this offense. They need a healthy Julio and Free to get the job done.

As I suspected Sunday, Matt Bryant’s injury had him limited, which might explain the Falcons’ ultimately unsuccessful fourth down attempts. Still gotta call better plays/execute/both, guys. If Bryant is in any danger of not suiting up Sunday, the Falcons will have to sign a kicker at least to the practice squad this week, which means shuffling things around a bit. Thus far Bryant has been able to suit up every week, but of course I’m concerned this will be the week he doesn’t.

We’ll know a lot more about these injuries once we start getting injury reports later this week, so stay tuned.