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De’Vondre Campbell gets his first MVP award for Falcons win over Jets

Campbell has been a monster in his sophomore season, and is usually one of the best defensive players on the field.

It’s finally time. We have to give De’Vondre Campbell the respect he deserves. When he was drafted last year, we cautioned that it may be a few years before he’s able to really impress on the field.

We were very wrong.

Campbell is typically one of the top ranked players by Pro Football Focus, and it’s no surprise. He’s one of few defenders who can really do it all. He has sideline to sideline speed, can cover running backs and tight ends down the field, and has gotten a chance to rush the passer.

Not everything he does show up on the stat sheet, but you notice him on the field. We are finally giving him this long overdue, poorly photoshopped MVP game award, Halloween edition, three days after Halloween. I hope he savors it like some gross candy corn.