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Mohamed Sanu hits Julio Jones for a 51 yard touchdown pass

Some hot receiver-to-receiver action.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Out of all the things I expected to see today, a beautiful Mohamed Sanu touchdown pass to Julio Jones was not real high on the list. Hell, it probably wasn’t even on the list.

Yet that’s exactly what we got. Behold, in all its glory.

Sanu had been known to play quarterback a time or two when he was with the Bengals, and I was a little surprised we didn’t see more of that with Kyle Shanahan at the helm. To his eternal credit, Steve Sarkisian cooked up this play and it worked to perfection, with Sanu absolutely throwing a beautiful ball and Julio fighting through coverage to bring it in. That might be the best play of the year thus far.

Kudos to Sanu and Julio for that one. The Falcons are up 10-3, and hopefully they’ll build on that lead.