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The Falcons can tie up the all-time series with the Buccaneers if they win Sunday

Just to add a little more intrigue to the matchup.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

It’s funny that Falcons-Buccaneers is probably the least vicious rivalry at the moment in the NFC South, because it’s the only one where Atlanta does not lead the all-time series.

The Buccaneers are currently up 24-23 on the Falcons, which means a win tomorrow in Mercedes-Benz Stadium would tie things back up. The good news is that the Bucs are currently 10-12 in the series on the road and are in the midst of a pretty mediocre season, and the latter significantly increases the chances that the Falcons will be 24-24 against them all-time and (perhaps more significantly) 1-0 on the year.

Can the Falcons put the same kind of beating on the Buccaneers they did back in 2014, when they won 56-14 in one of the most lopsided games in franchise history? Probably not, but I’m hoping that just by mentioning it, I can will that outcome into existence.