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Atlanta Falcons talk: How can the Falcons triumph over the Buccaneers?

Hint: It’s not just showing up.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Look: It’s easy to write these Tampa Bay Buccaneers off. They’ve won two in a row now, sure, but they’re the weakest team in the NFC South and their defense is a walking nightmare. The Falcons should be able to handle them.

We know better than to do that, even if this looks like the easiest game left on the Falcons’ schedule. The Bucs have enough talent on offense to put up points if the Falcons’ defense is lax, and while their defense has been nothing to write home about, it only takes an unlucky turnover or timely stop or two to turn a game. Derailing this season because of a loss to the Bucs would be, to put it mildly, bad.

So how does Atlanta win? The answer is pretty obvious, in my mind. On offense, you simply have to attack one of the league’s weakest pass defenses, since Matt Ryan should have the time in the pocket to operate and the Bucs aren’t actually loaded with quality, healthy players in their secondary. Defensively, you have to get after Ryan Fitzpatrick and force him into the kinds of familiar mistakes we’ve seen from him at every other stop, including some sweet, sweet interceptions. On special teams, you just have to not screw up.

How would you plan to beat the Bucs?