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Grady Jarrett awarded MVP for manhandling the Seattle Seahawks

During the holidays, we are most thankful for fast and physical Falcons players.

This holiday season we are thankful for disruptive defensive tackles.
Ville Terenius, official Falcoholic Photoshopper

You know you have a special defensive tackle when they can dominate an entire game. Grady Jarrett has turned into exactly that, making a huge impact both on defense and now... special teams.

Jarrett easily wins the Most Valuable Player in Atlanta’s much-needed win in Seattle against the Seahawks. And oh man, did he play one hell of a game.

Jarrett, of course, got to Russell Wilson, who was doing his best Aaron Rodgers impression all friggin game.

Great play. Jarrett has really come into his own. He can impact the pass and the run. And on fake field goals.

What a dominant play by Jarrett. Pete Carroll made a boneheaded play call, but as a long-suffering Falcons fan, those calls usually eat up Atlanta. Not with Jarrett there.