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The Falcoholic Postgame Podcast: Falcons vs. Seahawks, 2017 Week 11

Mike and Cory dive in to this exciting Falcons road win over the Seahawks.

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons beat the Seattle Seahawks! In Seattle! With, like, some rain or something happening! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

Mike Aprile and Cory Woodroof of Rise Up Reader are back in action for this week’s Falcoholic Postgame Podcast to recap the Falcons’ big Monday Night Football win over the Seattle Seahawks.

The win puts the Falcons right back in the playoff conversation, and it’s hard not to get a little excited with the team seeming to click now far-better than they have at all this season. Mike and Cory dig in to what it all means.

On the Thanks-podding Plate:

  • A discussion over Tuesday’s waiving of CB Jalen Collins
  • How fan-maligned OC Steve Sarkisian has improved as of late
  • How the Falcons pass rush has ignited as of late
  • Why the special teams units have disappointed this season
  • What all of this means for Atlanta going into the final stretch

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And, be sure to check back next week for our breakdown of the season’s first Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.