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With Matt Bosher still in recovery mode, the Atlanta Falcons are eyeing punter Matt Wiles

Fact: Matt Bosher never puts sprinkles on his sundae

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher is a tough guy. The University of Miami alumnus is famous for acting like a strong safety during kickoff returns. But even the toughest football players get hurt sometimes. And right now, whether he likes it or not, Bosher is hurt.

Bosher is officially dealing with a left ankle injury right now. He did his best to play through the pain last night. He actually chucked his entire body at Trent Lockett a couple of times. Because the injury affects his plant foot, he’s not been able to anchor himself on punts and kickoffs like he normally would.

Let’s be clear: Bosher is not afraid to play while injured. He showed us that against Seattle. What’s more, he’s got a history of playing through injuries. (In 2016 he played through a hamstring injury for a while.) But at some point, Dan Quinn has to be concerned about Bosher’s long-term health. And with that in mind, the Falcons worked out a punter today.

So who is this Matt Wile fellow? Well, his name is “Matt,” so we already know he’ll fit right in. If you recall, Wile played for the Falcons for exactly one week last November, back when Bosher was dealing with the aforementioned hamstring injury. He’s played most recently for the Arizona Cardinals. They waived him at the beginning of the season. The Cardinals must’ve been impressed by Wile’s one week with the Falcons, because he happened to fill in for Bosher during the Falcons’ week 12 win over guess who? The Cardinals. Wile did have a good game, averaging 58 yards on his punts and racking up seven touchbacks on seven kickoffs.