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Matt Ryan’s streak of 200 yard passing games ends at 64

It was a brilliant streak, but all good things must end.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Atlanta’s now 6-4 and their playoff hopes are very much alive, which is all that matters after a wild, borderline heart-stopping night in Seattle. But while their win streak now stands at two games, one of Matt Ryan’s historic streaks has ended.

Ryan had a pretty terrific game tonight, but he finished just shy of 200 yards, with 195 yards on the night. That meant his impressive run of 200-plus yard games, which he ran higher than any other quarterback in NFL history, ended when the clock struck zero. I doubt very much that he cares.

Ryan will likely start a new streak against Tampa Bay in the week ahead, but it’s very telling that the nearest active streak stands at just 15 games. You need to be consistently excellent and perhaps a little bit lucky to put that kind of performance together over the equivalent of four straight NFL seasons, and Ryan has aways been the former and sometimes been the latter. He’s still rolling along at a Hall of Fame clip and nobody’s likely to eclipse that record anytime soon, so hey, still a good day at the office.

We still salute you, Matt Ryan, for kicking ass. Thanks for your part in another win.