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Jalen Collins’ suspension ends, and future with the Atlanta Falcons likely decided this week

Now fresh off of a ten-game suspension, the Falcons only have a few choices with their previous second-round selection.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have one big decision to make, and they probably made it months ago. Former second-round corner back from LSU, Jalen Collins, just finished up a ten-game suspension for again taking performance enhancing drugs. The big, speedy defensive back has been unable to really put it all together on the field, but has occasionally flashed his raw talent.

The bigger problem is his inability to even stay on the field. We have previously wondered what Atlanta would do with him. He is exactly one more failed drug test from a two-year ban. The Falcons would be smart to build as if Collins could be gone at a moment’s notice. If that’s what happens, then what’s the point? Many have forgotten that Collins had been demoted during camp and preseason, reportedly before the team found out about the suspension.

Dan Quinn has solved Atlanta’s depth problem behind Brian Poole by... never playing them. That could change if Collins comes back.

It’s unclear if the Falcons have washed their hands of Collins quite yet. They were unable to cut him until he finishes up his suspension. I am betting they keep Collins for now. Quinn passed on signing former Seattle Seahawks corner back Byron Maxwell, a player believed to be high on his list during free agency in 2015. Collins can be a contributor and provides competent depth through the end of the season.