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What We Learned: Falcons vs. Jets

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Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Normally, cloudy, rainy days bring gloom, sorrow and despair. For the Atlanta Falcons, a rainy day in East Rutherford, New Jersey turned out to be more sunshine than anything else.

It was wet, windy, and at a couple of times during the the game, considerably ugly to watch. Yet, a 25-20 victory was an outcome that the defending NFC champions needed. A three-game losing streak gave life to the "Super Bowl hangover" talks that will be sure to overhang at any point the team encounters setbacks.

Beating the New York Jets on the road will do very little to entice casual onlookers. What it will do however is give the Falcons a stat that stands out more than any other: a win.

Before the contest, it should have been noted that the offensive lag that the Falcons have stumbled across in recent weeks was not going to be truly straightened out in just one against the Jets. There were notable improvements on the offensive unit, one in particular was the cleaner pockets around quarterback Matt Ryan that allowed him to make his reads thoroughly. The offense also racked up 10 plays of 15 or more yards and also got 123 rushing yards combined from running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Despite those little pockets of success, the offense still has key steps to take in order to be a constant offensive machine that they have great potential to be.

On defense, the unit once again had a sneaky good game with 279 total yards allowed and three sacks along with holding the Jets to just three second-half points. The one turnover the defensive unit so happened to make was a key fumble recovery late in the fourth quarter by the punt defense unit. It was important as it forced a 25-20 lead and made the Jets need a touchdown instead of a possible game-winning field goal.

Now the team turns their sights to division rival Carolina. Regardless how you view the win over the Jets this past Sunday, the team needed a win, in any fashion, and momentum. What lies ahead for the Falcons are games against the Panthers, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Vikings, all by the first week of December. Important games such as those need every ounce of momentum as it possibly could obtain.

It's easy to pick the scabs of what was a victory that probably should not have been as close as five points. While it was not a win that will in all likelihood "boost the resume", it was a win that allows the Falcons and their fans to breathe a little easier.