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Falcons fans Sunday watching guide

The best games to watch since the Atlanta Falcons don’t play until tomorrow.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing is more empty than a full slate of football without the Atlanta Falcons. It’s cool when the Falcons get enough respect that they play a bunch more national games, but I have no idea what to do when Atlanta isn’t kicking off at 1 pm. Like what do I do with my hands?

At this part of the season, all I’m doing is rooting against the New Orleans Saints and looking at Atlanta’s playoff chances. Here are the most interesting games played today.

1 pm: Washington at New Orleans

I’ll call this game interesting but I’ll be quick to switch away in the very likely situation where New Orleans goes up early. I’m expecting the Saints defense to start falling apart, but it probably isn’t going to happen against a struggling Washington team.

1 pm: Los Angeles at Minnesota

This game should be fun to watch, as both the Rams and Vikings are... good? Who saw that coming? Plus there’s the added benefit that both of these teams are in the playoffs as of today, and one will end up with a loss. That should put Atlanta closer to striking distance of a playoff spot.

4 pm: Take a much needed nap to rest your weary body

This may be the absolutely worst afternoon slate of games I’ve ever seen. There’s the Bills vs. Chargers (gross), the Bengals vs. the Broncos (gag), and the Patriots vs. the Raiders (sobs). Not only should all three games be terrible, but there are no playoff implications for the NFC.

Use the four hours between the early games and the night game to get some rest you need so bad. It’s been a long few weeks, and you shouldn’t be subjected to any of these games.

8:30 pm: Philadelphia vs. Dallas

I don’t think anyone will be able to unseat the Eagles from making the playoffs. Dallas does not look good, and Washington and New York are a combined 5-13. This will probably be a blowout, and honestly it helps out Atlanta if the Cowboys don’t push for a wildcard spot.