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Here are the Falcons playoff implications for today’s games

The Lions won, and that’s a problem for Atlanta.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Here’s a pretty simple scenario for the Falcons: Win tomorrow night and you’re the sixth seed for the moment, with a nice tiebreaker that could matter a great deal later. Lose and you’re behind the Lions, who are out of the top six, and on the wrong end of a tiebreaker that could matter a great deal later.

With things lining up so simply, there’s really no doubt about what the Falcons need or can get away with. You either win here or increase your degree of difficulty exponentially, and the Falcons certainly do not want to do the latter.

How did we get here? The Falcons saw Arizona, Washington, and Green Bay lose, which put those three playoff longshots on the ropes. However, Detroit narrowly triumphed over Chicago, and they’re still in the thick of the playoff hunt. The Falcons are currently just behind them, and they’ll remain there unless they beat Seattle.

With their destiny in front of them, may the Falcons seize the day on Monday.