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Matt Bosher is questionable, so prepare yourselves for the possibility of Mohamed Sanu punting

If this wasn’t such an important game, we’d be more intrigued.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Per the team’s beat reporter Kelsey Conway, Matt Bosher is truly questionable to play Monday night against the Seahawks. The team hasn’t signed a new punter yet, but they have two contingency plans ready to roll.

To be clear, neither of those plans seem all that great, but both are potentially hilarious. The first involves utilizing Matt Bryant as the punter, something he’s done three times in his illustrious career for an average of 34.3 yards per punt. You’re probably already forgotten, but he did it twice in 2016 for Atlanta, so this wouldn’t be a huge stretch.

The other option is Mohamed Sanu, the team’s second receiver and chief gadget player. Sanu spent some time punting at Rutgers (yes, seriously) and has done basically everything else you could possibly ask a player to do on the football field, so hey, why the hell not?

My guess is that the team would be seriously considering signing a punter if they really thought Bosher was in danger of missing this game, because even an injured Seattle Seahawks team is dangerous enough that you don’t want to screw around by throwing in someone who has punted fewer times in their career than Matt Bosher does in a single game. If the team thinks there’s a strong possibility Bosher will be out during this primetime game, look for them to bring a punter on, possibly at the expense of Blidi Wreh-Wilson or one of the team’s lesser lights at receiver.

If it does happen, though, please give us a booming 50 yard Sanu punt. I don’t ask for much.