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NFL Week 11 Sunday games info and rooting guide

Root against: The NFC South. Root for: Whoever you want.

New Orleans Saints v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons do not play until tomorrow night, but there’s still NFL football worth consuming, including two NFC South games. One of those games genuinely matters, even, as it pits an NFC Wild Card hopeful against the hated Saints.

Since you’ll be on the couch watching regardless—please don’t lie to us and say you won’t—here’s a guide to today’s games and who you need to be rooting for. Our favorites bolded.

Early Games

Browns vs. Jaguars

At this point, the Browns are so terrible and have been kicked around so long that you just want one good thing for them. It’s not like the Jaguars are going to lose the AFC South because they lose to the Browns. Right? Right?!

Buccaneers vs. Dolphins

At this point, Dirk Koetter is getting fired if the Bucs don’t show some legitimate improvement. As much as I relish the thought of Jon Gruden returning to Tampa Bay and presiding over some awful football teams, why change a good thing?

Plus I’m still pissed at the Dolphins for beating Atlanta and rolling over for everyone else.

Ravens vs. Packers

Let’s clear the way for the Falcons to get a playoff spot in the NFC, please.

Lions vs. Bears

See comment above.

Rams vs. Vikings

Again, see comment above.

Cardinals vs. Texans

Whoa, guess what? Same comment as above. I want the Falcons to be able to waltz into a Wild Card spot.

Chiefs vs. Giants

I want to see this Giants team fail horribly, and I couldn’t rationally tell you why. It might be Ben McAdoo’s lousiness as a coach, the fall of Eli Manning after so many arguments about his non-existent eliteness, or simply petty feelings left over from the 2011 playoffs. Any way you slice it, may they continue to lose.

Redskins vs. Saints

The Saints have won seven in a row and badly need a course correction, especially if the Falcons are going to climb back into the NFC South. I’m hoping Washington will be able to expose the New Orleans defense in a way they just haven’t been for a long time.

Late Games

Bills vs. Chargers

The Bills are doing a dumb thing sitting Tyrod Taylor, and they should be humbled for it.

Bengals vs. Broncos

I love seeing a team felled by its own hubris, and John Elway’s continued insistence on trying to get this thing done without an NFL-caliber quarterback deserves to fail.

Patriots vs. Raiders

Always root against the Patriots.

Eagles vs. Cowboys

This would technically help Dallas out in the Wild Card race, so on that hand, it’s not great. On the other hand, Philadelphia has looked pretty terrifying of late, and I’d like a reminder that they’re mortal.