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Russell Wilson nearly had his jaw broken, still expected to play Monday

A truly unreal run of injury luck.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Think of the teams torpedoed by major injuries this season. The list includes the Green Bay Packers, who are nominally in it but lost Aaron Rodgers for the year, and the

You can start adding the Seattle Seahawks to that list. They’ve now lost Richard Sherman and maybe Kam Chancellor for the year, and against the Falcons they’ll be down so many key players it’s almost not worth counting. You can even add Russell Wilson to the count, though he’ll almost certainly suit up Monday.

If the Seahawks weren’t 6-3 and with legitimate playoff hopes, they might consider sitting Wilson, but I doubt the star quarterback would actually be game for that. Instead, he’ll suit up against a better-than-expected Falcons defense on primetime with a jaw that was re-set recently. The Falcons, you’ll recall, picked up eight sacks against a depleted offensive line last weekend, and while no one expects them to repeat that given Wilson’s ability to escape pressure, it’s not going to be a fun game for him.

The endless injury stories make you nervous as a Falcons fan, because you know the Falcons should win this one, but they’ve blown multiple winnable matchups in 2017 already. Under the bright lights in Seattle, I’m hopeful they put that trend to bed for the year.