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Atlanta Falcons talk: Will the run defense hold up against Seattle?

They need to in order for the Falcons to win.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

One of the biggest questions in this game, which features an injured Seattle defense and offense, is whether the Falcons can put together one of their better efforts of the year stopping the run. If they can, this one could very well be a victory, given that Seattle’s passing attack is working against a quality defense and features an injured left tackle and Russell Wilson’s nearly broken jaw.

The question is, even with the inherent weakness of Seattle’s ground game, can the Falcons stop them?

I’m a little wary. For starters, Wilson is one of the league’s most capable scramblers, and the Falcons have shown zero aptitude for stopping scrambling quarterbacks. They were able to get to and stop Dak Prescott after a while versus Dallas, but not before he had scrambled for a few first downs. Wilson is even better at escaping, and the Falcons will be handling Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacy too, and both are theoretically useful power backs.

I think Seattle will somehow wind up cobbling together about 75-100 yards in this one between Wilson and their collection of other backs, but I do think the Falcons can win the game with that. If somehow they wind up gouged by this ground attack, though, they’re gonna lose and probably deserve to lose.

What kind of production are you expecting from Seattle on the ground?